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Have we met?

I have always viewed myself as a champion for others, and I work hard to advance worthy causes and worthy people. I have been highly active in the Concord community and am always glad to meet new people. If we haven't already met during the occasions below, please feel free to come talk to me when you see me.

Merrimack River Greenway Trail 

I am a passionate supporter of the MRGT, which is a proposed continuous, off-street paved trail running along the Merrimack River from Pembroke to Boscawen. The City of Concord, with its small urban setting and easy access to nature, has so much to offer. I am eager to see the MRGT completed to give residents and visitors an opportunity to enjoy the natural environment along the river in the heart of Concord.


Councilor Zandra Rice Hawkins, Kalamoh Donzo and I competed in this year's Merrimack River Trail Triathlon. Our team, We Run This City, came in third. The three of us serve together on the Community Development Advisory Committee.

MRGT triathlon_edited.jpg

Concord Trails

Whether it is an established City trail or a future one, I believe in preserving and conserving our natural resources while making them accessible to everyone. This year, I supported the efforts of Concord residents to preserve the Langley Parkway Extension as a trail linking neighborhoods with miles of established City trails. I participated in hikes with our City Forester, Ron Klemarcyk, and members of the Conservation Commission to scout out new routes linking City trails. Working with ConcordTV and Scott Daniels of the Trails Subcommittee, we created a video showcasing Concord trails that debuted at Central New Hampshire Bike Coalition's Biketoberfest. Watch it here.

Touring Trees

As a member of the Tree Subcommittee, I worked with Concord's first landscape architect and former City Planner, Bob Pollock, to catalog the significant trees around Concord. Together, we created a downtown tree tour attended by over 55 people. Download the brochure here. We are planning more tours to introduce people to these amazing resources in our City. Our next tour will be at Blossom Hill Cemetery around Memorial Day.

Bob, tree and me.jpg
Zandra and me NNO.HEIC

Attending City Events

I love being a City Councilor and will jump at an opportunity to meet residents at City events. This year, I participated in the the Christmas Parade, the Memorial Day Parade (in Concord and in Penacook), National Night Out and the Coalition to End Homelessness SouperFest fundraiser. 

Celebrating our Multicultural Community

Concord is incredibly fortunate to be the most diverse, northern most city in NH. We benefit from the diverse perspectives and experiences of our residents. I was honored to give the welcoming presentation at the Multicultural Festival with Councilor Rice Hawkins this year. 

Multicultural Fest.jpg
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