Have we met?

I have always viewed myself as a champion for others, and I work hard to advance worthy causes and worthy people. I have been highly active in the Concord community and am always glad to meet new people. If we haven't already met during the occasions below, please feel free to come talk to me when you see me.

Merrimack River Greenway Trail 

I am a passionate supporter of the MRGT, which is a proposed continuous, off-street paved trail running along the Merrimack River from Pembroke to Boscawen. Phase 1 was recently completed in Terrill Park. I joined the MRGT Board in 2013 and enthusiastically created events that would draw people to the site of the future trail. These included a snowshoe hike, paddle clinic, and the Merrimack River Greenway Trail Triathlon. The City of Concord, with its small urban setting and easy access to nature, has so much to offer. I am eager to see the MRGT completed and to watch our citizens and neighbors enjoy the natural environment that exists along the river.


Greenway Girl

To advance the cause of the Merrimack River Greenway Trail, I created the "Greenway Girl" mascot. Clad in a full-body green suit, I shared my love of nature and fitness while handing out stickers and healthy treats throughout the city at popular events such as the Halloween Howl, the Holiday Parade, and Concord PD's National Night Out. Contrary to rumor, I did not fight crime in this role.

Running the City

I love running, ever since training for my first marathon while in the Army.  I have run ten marathons, including Boston and an ultramarathon, doing most of my training in Concord. After 12 years in Concord, I'm still discovering new places when I run. I am determined to run every  street in Ward 5, to meet potential constituents and to expand my knowledge of the area. Look for me on the road or follow me on Strava!


Campaigning for Chickens

In 2019, my daughter told me that she wanted to have backyard chickens. Although our lot did not meet the current guidelines, my daughter would not give up. Together we campaigned to change the ordinance. We went door to door throughout the city, and gathered signatures at key events. Our efforts were ultimately unsuccessful, but we met many wonderful people and learned a lot in the process. 


Engineer Week

In 2015, I proposed and developed “Engineer Week” with the staff at Christa McAuliffe School by enlisting local engineers to volunteer to present lessons in their areas of expertise. At the end of the week, the engineers returned to the school for a community-wide event.  In 2019, N.H. Department of Transportation Commissioner Victoria Sheehan presented to captivated elementary school students and later rode the kinetic sculpture lobster bike with its creator and fellow Engineer Week presenter Michael Roundy.