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There are pressing issues facing Concord residents, and I am looking forward to bringing fresh energy and new leadership to the City Council. I believe that a City Councilor should be proactive in gathering information and expertise to solve problems, seeking out the input from community members who might not have the loudest voice in the room, the most money, or the most social connections. Everyone's voice matters.


  • Promoting green infrastructure and environmental justice through community outreach

  • Actively seeking ways to reduce fossil fuel usage by the city departments

  • Expanding renewable energy use to include increasing access to solar development


  • Supporting local businesses throughout the city

  • Creating and participating in free events that bring people together

  • Increasing access to affordable housing for all residents


  • Ensuring equitable access to civic resources

  • Increase training and resources to address mental health and substance misuse

  • Develop a multimodal transportation network that accommodates alternate modes of transportation, including wheelchairs, bikes, and strollers


  • Increase the representation of all community members on City Boards, Committees, and Commissions

  • Including diverse perspectives on policy decisions

  • Identifying and working to correct inequitable practices and policies

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