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Ward 5 Newsletter - December 2023

Items of Note for Public Hearing at Monday’s, Dec. 11th City Council Meeting:

1.       Resolution appropriating the sum of $10,308,000 (or $10.3 Million) taxpayer funds for the construction of a new golf clubhouse*.  Report

2.       Resolutions authorizing the City Manager to enter into a Purchase and Sales Agreement with the Duprey Company to acquire real estate at 4 Bouton Street and 124 North State Street for $4,090,000 for the purpose of developing a new Police Headquarters. Report

*Curiously, RFQuE 03-2023 for Construction Management Services lists the construction of a golf clubhouse as a “primary project”, and not a police station, fire station, or playground.

Find information in the City’s Adopted Budget and previous budgets:

Go to, click on ‘Your Government’, go halfway down the left side and click ‘Budget’. To search for items, click on ‘view the adopted budget as one complete document’, then hold down the CTRL button and tap ‘F’ to pull up a search window that will take you to any word you type in it throughout the document using the arrows within the bar. For example: ‘Golf’ shows up 159 times in the FY 2024 budget.

Let’s Connect! All City Committee meetings are open to the public. I’ll be at these:

1.       Dec 13th 6pm Energy & the Environment Advisory Committee, 37 Green St, Council Chambers, 2nd floor.

2.       Dec 13th 7pm Conservation Commission, City Hall, 2nd floor conference room.

3.       Dec 21st 8am Tree Subcommittee, 37 Green St, Council Chambers, 2nd floor.

What I am working on:

1.       Connecting with new Council members!

2.       Working to ensure your tax dollars are spent wisely and advocatng to increase state spending on education.

3.       Gathering information to update Master Transportation Plan, including pedestrian, bike lanes and public transportation routes at the next Transportation Policy Advisory Committee (TPAC) meeting. Want to be involved?

Scenes from Ward 5:

Enjoy the mountain view on the Winant Trail (above) where the orange and yellow trails meet. Then turn around to take in the grandeur of the old growth trees (below). There are benches in this area so you can take a moment, or many, to enjoy this wonderful gift by the Winants in honor of John Winant.

There is no hunting allowed on Winant Trails, but it’s still a good idea to wear orange.  The main parking area is at 38 Fisk Road.

Books I’m reading/listening: 

To Anyone Who Ever Asks: The Life, Music, and Mystery of Connie Converse by Howard Fishman (borrowed from Chris Makris)

Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln by Doris Kearns Goodwin. Available at the Concord Public Library as a book and audiobook. What are you reading?

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