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Ward 5 Newsletter - March 2024

Items of Note for Monday’s, Mar. 11th City Council Meeting:

1.       Resolution adopting Community Power Program for electricity supply and authorizing membership with Community Power Coalition. Resolution, Report, Public Testimony

2.       Appropriating $880,000 additional funds in new General Obligation Bonds for critical traffic improvements at two intersections (N.State/Centre & N.Main/Washington/Ferry). Resolution & Report

3.       Appropriating $175,000 additional funds in new General Obligation Bonds for portions of the airport terminal that are private use and not eligible for FAA or State funding. Resolution & Report

What I am working on:

  1. Researching the Middle School Project through summarized videos available on Transparency In Concord website created by Concord Concerned Citizens and the School District’s Middle School Project webpage. The video transcriptions make it easy to watch key sections of important City and School meetings and the Middle School Project page is organized by year. I recently learned:

    1. During a May 5, 2022 Zoom presentation School Business Administrator Jack Dunn ruled out building at Broken Ground based on significant infrastructure needs (water, sewer, roads), traffic, and a high concentration of students in one location.

    2. The design contract was recently signed for $10,383,257. School Business Administrator Jack Dunn calculated the 7.5% rate based on the June 27, 2022 Schematic Design Estimate for building at Clinton Street. The same report shows rebuilding at Rundlett would be cheaper.

  2. Reaching out to residents regarding options for Garrison Park Pool, currently scheduled for renovation this coming year, the City is considering converting to a splash pad. Please let me know what you think!

  3. Beginning stages of creating a community garden on Warren Street. Want to be involved?

How will we achieve our Energy goals of all renewable through electricity by 2030, all renewable for thermal and transportation by 2050? Here are some of the methods we’re using to get there:

·         Weatherization: Button Up Workshop

·         Controlling utility rates: Community Power Coalition Model

·         Updating our Complete Streets Policy. When I used the Complete Streets Policy Evaluation Tool, we scored 19 out of 100 points. We have lots of room for improvement! Try it for yourself: CS Policy Evaluation Tool

Let’s Connect! All City Committee meetings are open to the public. I’ll be at these:

1.       Mar 22rd 8am, Tree Subcommittee, 37 Green St, Council Chambers, 2nd floor.

2.       Mar 25th 5pm, Parking Committee, 37 Green St, Council Chambers, 2nd floor.

3.       Mar 27th 6pm, Energy & Environment Committee, 37 Green St, Council Chambers, 2nd floor.

Scenes from Ward 5: Swope-Winant Connector Trail

You can park at either the Swope Trailhead on Long Pond, or Winant Trailhead on Fisk Road to enjoy this connector trail. It is just over three miles from one parking lot to the other and back.

Books I’m reading: 

Gangsters of Capitalism: Smedley Butler, the Marines, and the Making and Breaking of America’s Empire by Jonathan M. Katz. Available at the Concord Public Library.

Prosocial: Using Evolutionary Science to Build Productive, Equitable, and Collaborative Groups by Atkins, Wilson & Hayes, PhDs. Ebook available at the Concord Public Library. *This is our City Council Book Club book! Read along with us!

What are you reading?

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